So the plan is simple.

Ty’s Diet will become a Tuned-Up way of eating and thinking that you will do everyday to change the way you live, the way you feel, and the way you look at eating all the time, not just for losing weight.SetGoals

There are 3 truths about eating.  We are either losing weight, maintaining weight, or gaining weight.  Ty’s Diet is built with flexibility and focused only on Losing Weight and Maintaining Weight.

Take it from a fat kid…I already know how to gain weight, and that is the problem that led to a need for Ty’s plan in the first place.  So we will not worry about that part anymore here.

It is generally agreed that the average person will burn about 2000-2500 calories a day.  Depending on how active you are, you could burn less or you could burn more.  Based on that average, Ty’s Diet has been designed to give flexibility for where ever you are in your dieting needs.

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Our goal here is to stay flexible and give you the option to be as aggressive or passiveas you want in how you work through your Daily Calorie goals. Ty’s Diet has 2 partss for when you are in Weight Loss mode:

Mon-Fri  [900-1000-1200]

This is the time to work the hardest at meeting your goal. You will range from 900-1200 Calories total for each day with 1000 being the target goal, but hey sometimes you go over to 1200. It’s OK. Just stay on it and stay focused. Remember the more aggressive you are, the faster you will Shred the fat and meet your goal’s and move on to the Weight Management Phase.

Sat-Sun  [1200-1500-1800]

I find that we like to eat more on the weekends around here. Between Family, Friends, and Activities it just happens. So on the weekends we are going to flex a little but still be below the average need of calories.

Our range is 1200 -1800 Calories total for each day with 1500 being the target goal. You really need to work at staying disciplined here on the weekend, but if you break it, no harm no foul. Just get back to where you need to be the next day. Just don’t quit.

Success!!! So you have completed your Weight loss goals and now you want to maintain your current success and victory over the battle of the bulge. That is where we start the Weight mangement phase. Remember Ty’s Diet is not about just weight loss “dieting”, but it is really about eating healthy and staying healthy all the time. So, just like our weight loss mode, Ty’s Diet continues to stay flexible with a weekday and weekend Calorie goal.

Mon-Fri  [1800-2000-2200]

Knowing that we all burn an average of about 2000-2500 Calories a day, our goal is to make sure we are eating only what we need everyday.  If you start noticing you are putting weight back on, and you are sure you are accounting for all you Calories, just adjust your range a little and monitor until you find what works for you.  If you are still losing weight and that is not your plan at this phase, eat a little more.

Sat-Sun  [2200-2400-2600]

Again with the weekend, we are upping our intake range so we remain flexible enough to enjoy a good meal or some nice restaurant, but we still need to keep counting calories.  At this point in the game it should be a habit anyway.

I am no Doctor, no Dietitian, and certainly not a Health Professional.  I am just an ordinary guy just like you who has been struggling with weight management my entire life.

Now having said that, I wanted to point out here and upfront that Ty’s Plan does not address specific information about foods.  There is a recipe section for low-cal, good tasting, and filling foods, but by all FoodInfomeans eat whatever works for you to meet your goals.

The foundation of Ty’s Diet is to keep eating simple.  So count up those calories and stay in your goal range and you will be on your way to success.

From time to time in the Blog, there will be info about Foods. Keep in mind there are foods that are good for us and foods that are bad for us, and foods that will better sustain our hunger and weight management goals.

Ty’s Diet is not here to really focus on that as much as getting you Tuned-Up in how you approach the total number of Calories you take in compared with what you burn.  But do note, weight management is not just about calories.

Check our Blog from time to time on that issue, and when in doubt about a food….search the internet.

I am not a Personal Trainer, or Fitness Guru.  I am just a guy trying to manage his weight.

Ty’s Diet does not focus on Fitness, but only on Calorie intake.  Fitness is important to being healthy and should be integrated into everyday life one way or another.  From time to time, there will be info about Fitnessfitness in our Blog, but Ty’s Diet is not dedicated to exercise and fitness.

I do highly recommend that somehow you find a way to get at least 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity into your schedule.  It will not only help in weight management, but it is needed to keep us physically healthy and moving from day to day.