TuneUpIt’s time for a Tune-up.

We have read and heard so many different things about how to eat and diet, that it is nauseating.  Just when the latest greatest thing is out and reported as the best thing since sliced bread, the next day we read how unhealthy eating that way is.  It is a continuous cycle of do and don’ts and I am ready to get off that treadmill.  Let’s pile friends and family on top of that too.  I know they mean well and all want to help us succeed with our health goals, but it seems everywhere you turn someone has an opinion on what you need to do.

Stop the madness now!  Just Tune-up your thinking, and think for yourself.  A daily diet plan that is something you do everyday and not just for a short time to loss weight needs to be simple.  To be simple it needs to be something you work out for yourself with some simple understanding of math.

Yes I said it…MATH.   That is really all it boils down to here.  Our bodies only burn so many Calories (another dirty word) in a given day.  This number can vary from person to person, but on average it is estimated to be between 2000-2500 Calories a day.  Eat more than that and you gain weight.  Eat less than that and you lose.  Pretty simple math.

So in my plan you can eat what ever you want, but you must keep track of Calories.  Sorry, but that is just the way it is.

It is not hard.  Get the free App My Fitness Pal for your phone, or even use their online website to help you track it.    Now keep in mind there are foods that are better for you than others, and there are foods that make you feel fuller after a meal than others.  So in my plan I focus on Tuning-up how I approach different types of foods, so that I can still eat alot of food, but I am eating foods that are filling and low in calories.


No lies here, the first couple of weeks when you go into weight loss mode can be a little hard.  Work through it….how bad do you want it?  It does not take long to get use to a new way of eating, but you will experience some cravings and desire to eat more, especially if it taste good.  Hang in there, you will get over the hump within about 2 to 3 weeks, especially when you start seeing the fat shredding away.