Dieting and maintaining healthy eating alone is pretty hard for most of us, but maybe one of the biggest factors in batteling weight control is our jobs.  In a recent study conducted by a 2014 Harris Poll for CareerBuilder, it turns out more than 55 percent of workers consider themseleves overwieght.  Of those surveyed, 39% say they have gained weight at their current job and nearly 21% reported having gained more than 10 pounds in their jobs.  On the other side of this, 16% say they have lost weight in their current jobs.


Depending on your job and the type of career you have this news may not be too surprising.  What is somewhat alarming in this survey is that their was a trend report that revealed 1 in 5 felt that workers who where thinner and appeared to be fit where most likely to receive more favortisim in their area of work. So who is most likely to gain weight?


Management – 44% of managment gained report gaining weight


IT Profesionals – 50% have gained weight


Government Employees – 48% have gained weight


Women – 46% have gained weight



Simple Tips to Stay Fit:

  • Count those Calories -even at work
  • Avoid those treats your co-workers bring to the office
  • Get moving – take breaks and walk…alot
  • Pack up lunch – make healthly food choices by bringing your own
  • Take advavatage of company perks – many companies have gyms or offer discount Gym memberships
  • Reduce your stress – this is not always easy but sometimes walking away for a few minutes really helps, and the walking itslef is always good.
  • Keep It Simple – what ever you do just keep it simple and consistant.  It should just be normal after time to do this stuff.

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