Ty’s Diet is all about Eating Simple Everyday.

I am sick and tired of the Yo-Yo Dieting to fight the Battle of The Bulge.  There is no “Secret” plan or “Magic” pill  or “Special” drink out there for weight loss.  I am not saying that something like that may help, but it does not work out for the long term.  And getting on one of those usually means shelling out lots of cash every month to lose weight and keep it off.  Been there done that….and ready to burn all the T-shirts.

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy eating life-style for good is really simple.  We all just need to “Tune-Up” our habits and thinking,  and get back to eating right.  It really is pretty easy once you understand that it comes down to just a few simple concepts:

  • Watch and Count Calories —It’s all about the mathTysDietIcon
  • Keep the meals Simple
  • Have fun with the Cooking
  • Choose Good foods that are Low-Cal, but filling
  • Keep your daily Meal Calorie Totals Flexible