Did you know that the hardest part about doing anything new or different in life is staying focused?  Life is busy and there are so many things that can distract us from meeting our goals, or even creating new habits.

A recent study of people considered obese revealed that 50% of those who attempt to lose weight, simply give up.  It also showed that 50% of them simply get bored with trying and especially when excercise is a part of the routine.  The primary obstacle and cause for quitting was determined to all be mental.  People simply gave up because they felt like it was too difficult mentally to stick with antying.

Ty’s Diet attempts to overcome the mental by ensuring to keep the “new” habits simple, and it gives you imidiate results in a week or less.  It really all comes down to how bad do you want to finally change up your eating habits and your lifestyle. 

It is not hard.  Just keep counting those calories and stay within your daily goals.  In no time you will be right where you have spent years trying to get.

10 Tips to Stay Focus:make it happen

  1. Write down your goal and share it with someone close to you
  2. Get someone else to join you in Ty’s Diet.  A spouse, a best friend, a relative, a co-worker
  3. Tracke every single calorie you eat everyday  -Use the My Fitness Pal App
  4. DO NOT wiegh yourself everyday.  Once a week is all you need.
  5. Empty out those Foods you eat too much of
  6. DO NOT go grocery shopping when you are hungry
  7. DO NOT quit just because you break a goal one or two days.  Get back at it
  8. SET a 30 day challenge and get after it
  9. Learn.  Do your homework and learn more about what is good and bad for health…most of us probably already know that, but just quit too soon
  10. Celebrate Success.  Make little goals like losing your first 5 lbs and then make sure you share that info with people you count on.


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